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Unhappy XF86Config for a Quadro4 without TwinView?

I have a Quadro4 NVS 400 on a SuSE 7.3 system (for those that don't know, this supports up to four monitors, and appears as two separate AGP cards). I am using the latest drivers from NVdidia.

I have been trying without success to configure it for use with 3 monitors and TwinView disabled - the application requires 3 separate X displays. The second "virtual" card is not a problem, as that only has one monitor attached. It is the first I can't get working.

The XF86Config man pages says that to do this on a dualheaded card you use two device sections with the same PCI address, one with a line "Screen 0", and one with "Screen 1". When I try this, I get this in the XFee86.0.log:

Fatal server error:
Requested Entity already in use!

I guess this is because the NVidia driver is ignoring the Screen 0/1, and then thinks there are two device sections for the same device. If I configure TwinView in a single device section (plus another one for the third monitor), then everything works as expected, just not as I want.

Has anybody managed to configure an NVidia card to support 2 monitors without TwinView? If so how did you do it?

Phil T
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