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I'm looking forward to a review of the Epox 8RDA+. If its performance is pleasing and it offers good overclocking options, it might become my now boardien! It should be a good replacement for my Asus A7N266-C WOL.
If it disappoints however, seeing how there's no real overclocking alternative with an nForceČ PP (abit will use their crappy cut down softmenu1 again), i'll have to go for intel's granite bay.

It's so sad all manufacturers decided to make the nForceČ PP into a budget solution again. I could understand this for the nForce1 as performance was "only" on par with VIA's KT266A at the time and the tweaking options were limited, but i simply don't get it with the nForceČ.
Oh well, maybe someday they'll see the light.
Sometimes you just need to put 2 and 2 together
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