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Originally posted by AthlonXP1800
Huh you cant run the game on Athlon 64 3200+? The game require 512Mb RAM to run, look like you have less than 512Mb RAM.

And is your Radeon 9800XT got 128Mb? To run the game with the highest settings and much better textures, you will require 256Mb.
Yep ,i have 512 MB RAM, but this games seems to be a real memory hog.
The 9800XT is the 256MB version.

Gameplay etc, is awesome, very nice. I'm buying this baby, no doubt about it.
The game runs great with all settings at 'Very High', it's just that nasty HDD swapping from time to time that kinda takes away the fun.
Lowering the settings doesn't make it better either.

But i've heard some guy at valve say the same thing about Half Life 2. 1024 MB of RAM and your gaming experience will be optimal.

New times now i guess huh?
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