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Hi Timo:

Sounds like you are downloading the files and your file attributes are set wrong, and the download is coming in ASCII format or some such oddity. Have you tried RIGHT-CLICKING on the link for the file, then selecting "Save Link As" from the menu? This will open a dialogue to let you choose where to download the file, and will ensure it gets the proper file extension and download method for that style of file. If you are on dial-up, you may have some line noise happening, or some other crosstalk from some devices in the house. If you are on hi-speed, though, it might be the download isn't happening with the right protocol to do the d'load, like I mentioned. If you are using Mozilla, there is a setting in Preferences-Navigator-Helper Applications at the bottom of the page called 'Opening Files', where you can click to reset the file attributes so that you will be asked about what to do with files you are downloading.

I hope this helps you with your download problem. It's what came to mind almost immediately after hearing you describe the problem and reading the error messages you posted. I too am a somewhat new user of Linux, but having experienced the Dark Ages of computer OS'es and hardware, I tend to see Linux as more fun and challenging, than as another problem I have to solve because I NEED to. Good Luck!

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