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Default WineX or nVidia troubles?

Well, hello first of all...

I have a weird problem trying to get any OGL games to run on my Redhat 8 box. I own a GF4 card, and i installed the 31.23 drivers from tarballs. Everything was in place, kernel sources, compiled beautifully, glxgears gives me ~5500 FPS, Tuxracer works, i get the nVidia logo when I start X...all looks good from that point of view.

I also have an older version of WineX (rpm), it installed fine too. I know it's a valid RPM because on my previous Mandrake 8.2 installation I could run SoF2 and CS with no problems. Well, now I can't anymore...CS loads fine, i can browse the menu options ok, but it seems to freeze on the "Loading" screen, after i choose a game (LAN, Internet...same thing).

SoF2 (same Windows installation i used with MD8.2) refuses to run, WineX gives me a seg fault and starts debugging right after the "quake" style "loading window" (where it shows CPU info, etc...). Basically before it has to switch to fullscreen mode...

My question is: do all those failures have to do with WineX or the nVidia drivers? Game installations are unchanged (they worked on MD 8.2)...

Another weird thing was the GFX Card detection of RH 8.0, or should I say the X Configuration: it was detected as a "Generic GF4" and it would NOT use the "nv" driver, it defaulted for some "fbdev" driver or something....I also cannot choose more than 16BPP running X.

Help anyone?
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