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Question redhat linux 9 first boot hang with no video output

I am very new to Linux, please bear with my silliness...

I installed redhat linux 9 in a Dell OptiPlex GX270 desktop. The computer has a dell 1703FP monitor and a nVidia GeForce FX5200 video card. Windows 2000 was installed in the primary master drive. Linux was installed in the primary slavery drive (default workstation installation with several custom selected packages). During installation the graphical installation software failed and the installation was performed in text mode but went through ok.

When the machine was reboot after installation, after "start firstboot" was displayed, the screen went black and the machine hang without video output. I tried "ctrl-alt-f1" and "ctrl-alt-f2" but nothing happened.

During installation, the X-configuration was done as the following:
video card was probed as generic vesa, I changed it to generic nVidia GeForce FX, the RAM was set as detected,
monitor was probed as 1703FP with Sync ranges as 30-80 and 56-76,
color depth was set as true color and the resolution was set as 1024*768.

right now lilo works fine and from there I can boot into windows; no matter boot from the floppy boot disk or from hard disk using lilo, the machine hangs after displaying the line"start firstboot".

I would appreciate your input very much...
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