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Thanks for the rivatv link!

Rivatv seems to contain drivers for 7108, 7111 and 7113 (plus some variants). Seems to recognize the FX500 PCI dev ID, I'll give it a shot.

MSI's 8918 Personal Cinema card has Philips SAA7174HL, most propably for tuner control and VI-part. See picture in
For example XP drivers and sw bundle use Philip's teletext (text tv) application.

To make things complicated FX-series contains TV-out on the FX chip itself. I do not know if the FX part or Philips chip is used to produce the tv out on personal cinema cards.
NVidia X-driver has tv-out option, and it seems to work.

Found these:
has SAA7174 support. Typo, must mean 7114.

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