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Default AMD64-5332: libGL issue? segfaults

using gdb, it looks like any app that uses gl on my system will segfault almost immediately, and in a function in libGL, the one included with release 5332. If i use the 'xf86' libGL, the program runs, but crashes the Xserver once the program exits. If I use the 'mesasoft' libGL, then the program runs, no crashes, but notably slower than the xf86 version. Both of these libraries use a degree of software rendering, which I'd hope using the libGL version included with the NVidia driver would do in hardware. (all three of these libGL's are installed on my system, but the only one in use is linked in to /usr/lib64/ Even if i switch libraries after X is started, the behavior of the program is based on that library, so it's not server-side.

in the gdb backtrace, it only lists the libld, and libGL, so at the moment, I'm thinking i might have to update glibc to something newer than 2.2.5. Or might this be a 32/64 bit gap some users are mentioning? I'm also checking on possible kernel-related issues, since the segfault actually shows up in messages.

AGP is certainly working. the nvidia driver says its enabled, even tho the module use count (lsmod) is 0. but the video is not nearly as sluggish as when agp was completely b0rked.

Here's my system setups:
Tyan 2885 w/ 6GB RAM, Bios v 1.01i (for mtrr/agp fixes)
Dual Opteron 246 2GHz
3ware RAID controller
NVidia Quadro4 980 XGL
base OS: United Linux 1.0 (Suse-like; XFree86 4.2 based)
Kernel: plain 2.4.24 + required Tyan AGP and MTRR patches, acpi enabled

Any suggestions?

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