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Well I tryed, did not work. It may have been a problem with the usb keyboard but its worked anyother time i've tryed so everything seemed against me. What I did do was waste the 40gb drive that had old windows that i've used in the past for some files for games and music, and put suse on its drive then set it up to the point that I had a working nvidia drivers for games then copyed the /data1/usr/local/games/ to new installed suse, installation of all games except for ut2003 worked, ( nwn plus HoU and SoU over5Gb) Next week I plan to delete 80Gb drive and reinstall again then copy the data back as 80Gb w/8megs cash vs 40Gb 2megs cash, I get more performace and space out of the 80 then 40.

sorry long post, kinda bites I could'nt get the system to boot.

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