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Default Re: athlon 64

Originally posted by buxom
I have a shuttle xpc with a athlon64 3400. I have had zero luck
in getting the network drivers to compile under either redhat 8 or 9.

I had to upgrade the bios to get the redhat 8 cd to boot. Not sure
what the deal was there.

I guess if you use suse enterprise 8 you are good to go.
I'm currently using Debian testing/unstable, and I don't plan to reinstall for awhile -- probably only once a true AMD 64-bit distro is available and in somewhat widespread use. I guess that I'll stick with my 3Com card until I can get proper network drivers.

My real concern is with the ATA/SATA drivers, as I require the ability to mount a ATA100 device and it would also be nice to be able to mount the RAID 0 SATA drives.
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