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Ok, so I tried to put the card into the 1.2GHz box, and only got around 900fps in 16bit colour mode, and pretty much the same thing in 24bit . Even tried ET(radar map, lots of grass and rain, etc) - also pretty bad, almost unplayable in 1024x768(and that's what I was using before with my Radeon 9000), and much less than perfect at 800x600. At least I no longer consider paying about twice as much for my Radeon a bad deal

So I guess this is just the card itself, after all...I feel very disappointed

The question becomes, then: should return it and pay $90cdn($30cdn more)(around $70 US total) for an Asus FX 5200(64M, w/tvout)? Can anyone with a similar card provide some feedback? In general, what card can I expect to be pretty close to Radeon 9000(not pro)?
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