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Originally posted by Ge|atinousFury
[b]Selection "Monitor"
Identifier "Monitor0"
Vendor name "monitor vendor"
ModelName "Viewsonic GS790" (I actually have a G90FB)
HorizSync 30.0-97.0
VertRefresh 50.0-180.0
Option "dpms"
Modeline "1600x1200_75.00" 205.99 1600 1720 1896 2192 1200 1201 1204 1253 -HSync +Vsync

Ok I generated the modeline and I assumed that the top line which began by a # was some kind of comment line so I left it monitor section looks like this now (above this message). I still can't see any selections above 1024x768. The line I left out was this:

# 1600x1200 @ 75.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 93.97 kHz; pclk: 205.99 MHz

Should I add this line in, including the #?
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