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Default newbie's nvidia driver questions

Hello there,

Last week, I just got my AMD64 system with
Nvidia FX5700 graphics chipset (ASUS graphics
card) and Nvidia nforce 3 150 chipset on the
Gigabyte GA-K8N motherboard.

After installing Win2k on my hda and RedHead8 Linux
on my hdb1,2,3... I have encountered the following
problems, and hope you can give me some advice.

1) During RH8 installation, I couldn't find the video
card FX5700 choice; hence I chose "Nvidia Quadro"
and 128MB vram (largest ram size option).

Then I logged in as root, and look at my video
setup in the KDE environment. The video card's
256MB on board memory is recognized by RH8,
but the card is still defined as "Quadro".

Will this cause me any problems? If so, how can
I fix this? How can I ensure that RH8 fully utilizes
my FX5700 vcard capabilities?

2) After RH8 installation, the on board AC97 CODEC
sound chips is not recognized by RH8 (i.e. missing
/dev/dsp); but it works fine in Win2K environment.
How can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance for your advice/help/input.

(a linux newbie)
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