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Unhappy X freezes with blank screen with TNT2 model 64

I think this problem has to do with my motherboard among other things.
The system is: 1400MHz AMD Athlon, 1GB ram, Nvidia TNT2 64, motherboard: ecs elite group K7AMA

I've installed the latest BIOS on this motherboard. If I had money, I'd smash it with a hammer. Anyway, with an older BIOS, X would start fine but would freeze after being used for a few minutes, regardless of whether I was doing normal stuff, or playing a 3D game.

Now with this new BIOS, it saves me the trouble and when I 'startx' it gives me a nice clean completely white screen and does nothing.

Please help, please please. Someone must know what's going on here.

I installed the latest Nvidia drivers as of Jan. 23, 2004, and I'm using Fedora Core kernel ~~2149
But my experience has shown that this problem has nothing to do with the kernel.
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