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Angry got a problem with installing the drivers on RedHat linux 9

Hi, sorry if it's a stupid question but i'm new to linux (i've been using it for 4 days by now...)

So here's my problem (I am using Red Hat Linux 9):

Everytime i want to install the drivers from the .run file it tells me to shut down my X-server. If I do this with ctrl+alt+backspace, it restarts a second after shutting it down so I can't install those drivers. I've also tried the interactive startup and told my system not to start anything but the things it needs to run, but it still tries to start X-server when it asks me to log in. Maybe I am just too stupid for linux so help me with my problem so I can learn from it and some day I won't be too stupid to use linux *g*

Damn it sucks being a newbie
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