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Default startx fails with 4496

I have the problem that when I type "startx" on the shell, it tries to start, but the screen onyl turns black. I installed the official NVIDIA driver set, it compiled the kernel module and finished sucessfully the installation. After installing , I edited the XF86Config like the driver readme said and made a reboot. I typed "startx" and the NVIDIA logo was seen for a second, then KDE began to start normally, I tried this three times, everytime with sucess. I didn't change anything and simply made another reboot, since this it the GUI doesn't want to start anymore... if I turn back to the "vesa" or "nv" generic drivers in XF86Config, it does start normally. When I reinatll the driver it sometimes works for 2 or 3 times, then it fails again.

I have:
- a NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4200 with AGP8x
- the official driver set 1.0-4496-pkg2
- the Slackware Linux 9.1 distibution running on kernel 2.4.22
- an Intel Pentium 4 with 2,66 GHz
- a MSI MS-6701 (Medion OEM) with SiS 648 Chipset
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