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You've rebooted your kernel since you've changed the grub config file, correct?

I just read that grub doesn't require that you rerun it when you change the config, so that's not the problem...

Does /proc/cmdline tell you that the ATA and idebus (idebus, incidentally, should be the speed of your PCI bus, not your IDE cables -- it was misnamed -- but it's only used in PIO modes, not DMA/MWDMA/UDMA setups, so that might be why you never noticed a difference) options are now no longer set?

Was this a clean install of RedHat? Or did you try to upgrade? I've seen upgrades to some really weird things to machines...

Edit: Your log file appears to have some bits of X's log, some bits of /var/log/messages, and a large piece of either /boot/ or /proc/ksyms. I don't know if that helps anyone or not, but those are the files that the contents of your X log file are usually in.
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