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Default please stop to annoy nvidia about open sourcing their drivers.


again a normal thread was polluted by self appointed open source advocates.

Before you ask again nvidia about that, please, do a google source.
Even if nvida want, they can not open the source for their drivers, because their drivers incorporate IP that nvidia licenced from other companys. So bugging them annoys only the persons working on the drivers.

Some people claim, that open source drivers are 'better' than closed one. So please, show me any good open source XFree86 driver. Any.
And do not point at ATI.

Instead, look at this:

bugs, that bothered me years ago, are still there.
Nvidia's drivers does not have such ashaming bugs, like mentioned on that page.
Open source drivers are nice.. if you have specs, and a lot of motivated and talented programmers with a lot of time and hardware.
But where are this wonder-hacker?
They spend their time doing more 'stylish' things (like learning welsh...), or are simple not there (rich and talented and motivated, with a lot of time), I am not convinced that many of them would look at the nvidia-sources. Not so perfect hackers had to do the work.

So we would have to deal with a lot of patch-versions of incomplete and not very tested drivers, instead of a nice and braindead installer (and a really simple README, covering every problem).

Nvidia is the best address to develop nvidia drivers, they have the hardware, the specs and the people to do it. But instead of appreciating their work, some blokes spend their time insulting and annoying everybody. Instead of helping peoples with problems, they are crying around that the driver is not under the licence of the year.
Please, if you want to make your nvidia experience better, go to Xfree86. Help them to make XF86 a little less a big fat lame hog, this will be demanding enough.

Yes, I have some problems with my setup. One problem, but nothing that prevents me from using my hardware in any way I desire (I have to start X two times, nothing compared to total lockups, eh?).

If you want to help nvida making their drivers better, help people with problems, write bug-reports or improve X, but please, stop wasting your time cluttering this forums with your useless demands (or do it per mail, with BORING in the subject, to make it easy for nvidia, to filter them out).

Glück Auf
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