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Default Re: Slightly OT question

Originally posted by TheOneKEA
On an unrelated note, volt, I have a heavily tweaked Red Hat 9 install with lots of custom package upgrading and XFce installed. I'm an experienced Linux user (5 years and counting) as well. Should I install Fedora Core 1, or is it too n00b-ish for someone like me?
I'm no experienced linux user, but I always thought *any* linux distro stands much higher then Windows in terms of configuration level.

I first installed Mandrake around 5 years ago, but I haven't used Linux on daily basis. It was more for fun rather than productivity. I've used a few including Slackware. Recent one was RH9 but I hated it. I thought I would try Fedora - bingo. This is what I wanted for my desktop replacement

FC1 doesn't seem to include a lot of bloated software. It's maintained by the community, there are always updates available..I simply love it

And I'm sure a lot of people would say the same about Gentoo hehe.
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