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Unhappy NVIDIA drivers / static LDT allocation?

Quite some time ago, the FreeBSD developers added checks in their code for process(es) that use static ldt allocation. The purpose of this was to determine which process(es) used this method, so that they could be updated to use dynamic ldt allocation (which is the only _safe_ way for proceses to get along with the new threading libraries, now default with FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE). In other words, for those of us who use libthread or libkse rather than the depracated libc_r, the current NVIDIA drivers are potentially unstable.
My question is directed toward the NVIDIA developers: are there any plans in the works to modify / re-release new FreeBSD drivers that conform to the new dynamic LDT allocation mechanisms? I am a long-time NVIDIA customer, and part of the reason for this loyalty has to do with the top-notch support that NVIDIA has always shown toward the Open Source community. I understand the reasons behind binary-only drivers (protecting proprietary technology, etc.), but please, please, PLEASE stay current with the developments taking place within FreeBSD.

Thanks in advance for all your help,
Mike Schreckengost

------ CUT HERE -------
Warning: pid 736 used static ldt allocation.
See the i386_set_ldt man page for more info.

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Please fix this problem...
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