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This is probably why it didn't work in the first place, assuming you tried to reconfigure the kernel before trying the NVIDIA drivers. The NVIDIA driver depends on the kernel source configuration exactly matching the running kernel. If it doesn't, you're going to see unresolved symbols.
I did reconfigure my kernel prior to enable NTFS support. So is my recompiling of the kernel the reason I cannot install the NVIDIA_kernel?

I tried to reconfigure the kernel shipped with redhat. This endet in a big pile of compiler errors. Apart from all this, it looks like XFree is a gcc2 binary. We did a recompile with gcc3 here and now it works.

short: compile new kernel from source (2.4.19) -> create kernel modules and GL from source or source rpm -> compile XFree with gcc3.
Can someone please break this down into steps for a newbie like myself?
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