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Default FSAA in 5328

I'm having a problem with FSAA in the 5328 driver. I'm trying to enable FSAA from within an app that I'm writing. When my app starts in "windowed mode" with a multisample visual (GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB, 1, GLX_SAMPLES_ARB, 2). I can enable and disable FSAA via glEnable/glDisable(GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB)
When I switch the app to fullscreen, FSAA doesn't work anymore. I can no longer turn it on with glEnable.

Now for the crazy part. If I close the app and re-run it, I can no longer get FSAA, regardless of being in fullscreen or windowed mode. I have to restart X to have the FSAA work in windowed mode. This is really strange.

Does anyone use FSAA inside their own app written for linux and tried the newest Nvidia drivers? I'm using Fedora Core 1. With the minion patch to fix the Via chipset OOPS. I have a Geforce4 ti 4600. Maybe I should switch back to the 46.20 beta drivers. This all seemed to work with them.

Also exporting the environment variable for FSAA seems to work fine in all cases. I don't want to use this method because I want my app to be able to control the AA level. I've posted on the linux forum on because I thought that I might be doing something wrong in my code, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I'm under the assumption now that it is a driver bug, because it worked fine in older drivers. Does anyone know if NVidia will take bug reports if you use the minion patch?

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