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Default Newbie at installations???

Hello Linux users. I am just starting to experiment with Linux. I bought SYSE 9.0 Personal. The installation went well but I have a couple of questions. I am stuck at 1024x768 resolution. It seems huge to me though. I went to NVIDIA's website and found the following about their drivers.

I. SuSE Linux 9.0

1) Kernel sources must be installed and configured. Usually this means
installing the 'kernel-source' package with YaST2. Update it - if not
already done - via YaST2 Online Update (YOU).

2) Use the nvidia installer for 1.0-5328.


3) Configure XFree86 with

sax2 -m 0=nvidia (0 is a digit, not a letter!)

NOTE: There is no need to try to enable 3D support. It's already
enabled, when the nvidia driver is running. Ignore the
misleading error message, that 3D support can't be enabled.
This problem will be fixed with SuSE > 9.0 and is related to the
latest nvidia driver release.

Can some one give me a hint what this means especially
sh How do I type that in. Thanks for any help.
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