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>Yes. Matrox does, for example. Fairly nice ones too, though their cards aren't nearly as fast as Nvidia's and ATI's.

And there are only drivers for their older cards, not the parhelia, by 'third party' according to their website.

EDIT: whoops followed the wrong link.. but I do not want to registrate only to have a look at their drivers licence... hmm.. Redhat XY... looks binary...

>Heck, at least the modline problems, Xv bluescreen, and 2D rendering speed problems would have been fixed by now (I have not yet tested the 5336 drivers to see if these problems still exist).

ATI opensource drivers have still problems with Xv, overlays etc...

Please, do not think, only because something is 'in the wild' it is ok and will be great. Most opensource projects are... dead. There are some, that are successfull, but if you have a look at sourceforge or freshmeat you will see a lot of dead stuff.

Everybody is bashing nvidia, but still.. where are good opensource 3d drivers for ANY actual hardware? ATI? No. 3Dlabs? No. Matrox? Xabre? No.

ATI released some stuff for one particular graphic card and everybody seems to love them for that, and forget, that the opensource drivers suck like their binary drivers.

Nvidia is not ignoring its linux-costumers like Matrox, SiS/XGI and others, and all they get is whining and bashing.
It would be terrible, if NVIDIA would ignore us, gladly they are working to make the drivers better.

So, if you are not satisfied with your nvidia/linux experience, try something else.. after that you will thank nvidia on your knees for their nice drivers.
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