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Default 4496 keeps dysfunctioning and 5328 crashes in kernel space

Ok. In March I tested the nVidia driver for my GeForce 3 Ti 200, and it failed.
The problems were:

1. Startup of the driver lasted THREE MINUTED AND FOURTY SECONDS (no joke) until the nVidia logo appeard.
2. Several X crashes.

Workaround to solve this problems: Fallback to Open Source nv driver, which lacks glx support :'-(

Ok, yesterday I felt happy enough to do another try, and result was:

1. 5328 crashes in kernel-space (output is available but not very usful, as adresses didn't get translated to symbol names. This is due to my ****ed up configuration, have to fix that some times ... [1]).

2. 4496 has the same problem as the version I tested in March (don't remember, which version that was).

In March I had only that one computer, so all I could do was pressing <Alt Gr>+<k> to get rid of the crashed X server, but now I have a laptop attached via Ethernet, and hopefully can help debugging the problem. Currently (time of writing this post) my X server hangs again (X consumes all CPU power it can get), and nothing is possible, no console switching or similar. What's possible is to ssh to my system, so it is blocked in user space only.

@ nVidia developers:

I herein offer my help in debugging this issue (as I want a stable driver). I'd liked to get the Sources, but thousands of other ppl already asked and failed so I'll shut up in this issue. But could you please release a debugging release (maybe only to some ppl wanting to really debug it), which produced hundreds of traces in kernel and or user space to a file or via networt (whatever applies)? And if you do so, than it could be very interesting to get the following extra features in the debugging version:

1. a proc-fs interface e.g. to tell the in kernel driver, that it's no longer used and shall decrase module usage count (the user of this interface must know what he's doing of course, but I want this option only for the debugging version ;-)
2. The X server shouldn's lock virtual console switching as I am using fbdev, so console and X server use same resolution and same bpp. It's again: ppl who use this feature should know what they are doing.

Open Source?
Only a little question about OS: Is it possible to release only parts of the driver as Open Source? I cannot belive, that everything from line 1 to line n is patented and therefore cannot be put Open Source. Maybe, many errors may be found in that parts by the community. Only a suggestion. If it is not possible, than I belive, I cannot change anything here :-(

In any case, regards, Bodo

[1] If you can get me a hint where to find infos about how to set up this address 2 name translation, than tell me, I think, nVidia developers would be very interested in the message with symbol names ;-)

PS: And set login-timeout to something around 1 day or so. It's very annoying to write a post, only to get timeout-logouted on pressing the "Submit"-Button. And a well written report may take some time.
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