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Well, I decided to start over from scratch. It was easy because I had an old GeForce2 that doesnt use glx (well, I think it doesn't ). Anyway, I switched cards and when I booted with the Gf2, it installed the linux default nvidia drivers which replaced the ones that I had screwed up. I then switched them back, and it detected the switch, installed the default drivers, etc...

I re-downloaded the driver .run file and used what I've learned when I was screwing it up to exit "x" by using the terminal, then did the "sh" thingy, (can you tell I'm a n00b to linux) typed in "startx" and edited the XF86Config file per the readme. I then restarted the computer and viola! glxgears shows almost 6000 fps. A nice improvement from 5!!

Thanks nvidia for making linux drivers. It's a pain in the glxgears(or ass whichever you prefer) when hardware manufacturers don't support their own hardware with linux drivers.

Thanks everyone that helped out, I really appreciate it.

If you're a n00b to linux like me, don't get all bent out of shape if it doesnt work right away, eventually you will get it, and all of your hard work will prove valuable and you will appreciate it more. Don't give up!
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