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Default need help with X11/drivers

Alright, I'm a newb to Linux, I've used Apple most of my life and built a PC for the hell of it and wasn't going to run winblows on it but anyway...

I'm running Mandrake 9.2 on kernel 2.4.22 and can't get X11 to run or the nvidia driver to install. On startx I get a message saying that it it's using and writing X authority and then I get a error, number 13. I don't know if errno13 is related to the xserver or not but I can't find any list through google that can tell me what errno 13 means. After that error comes up I get a delay where the machine is trying to work before I get another error saying that it can't connect to Xserver.

Also, when I try to install the Nvidia drivers for my MX 440 8X the installer tells me that there is no precompiled header files for my kernel. It asks me if I want to connect to the nvidia FTP site to see if there is anythign to help me but that comp isn't connected to the internet yet. I don't know if the issue is with my system and etc/X11 or with the driver. I assume that X11 isn't working because, well, something with xserver that I don't know how to fix and/or the driver.

Any ideas? Keep it simple if you can please. Thanks in advance

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