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q1_bathroom.jpg (tenebrae stuff)

Click it for a high quality and higher res.

I can't see much difference between this and recent Doom3 shots: All bumpmapping, shadows, per-pixel lightening and low-poly (edgy) models.

"everything is modeled very detailed, very high-res and then we build the lower-res off of that and with the new John Carmack Magic adds all the details back in"

They modelled the characters for Doom3 very detailed, and with the "magic of carmack" just made bumpmapping out of it. Difficult to see check the fingers inthis shot.

Bumpmapping is a good thing, dont get me wrong, but it cannot replace everything. In addition to shadows, per-pixel lightening and bumpmapping, characters need to be high-poly count for it to look as real as possible.

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