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Andy... I already had the new kernel loaded, just not the kernel-sources. SuSE did not give me both at once -- there was a lag. That's what caused the problems.

I've now enabled TwinView. I have a 5200 card w/128MB and I can't seem to get 1600x1200 on both monitors. The highest it will go is 1280x1024. With my Windows Driver, I get 1920x1440 on one and 1600x1200 on the other. I've tried to set up individual monitor settings, but it doesn't work yet. I have to try and figure out my BusID. I think it's 1:0:0 but I'm not sure. I've spent enough time on this today, I have to get back to real work. If I can't figure it out myself, I'll post my XF86Config for comments. Right now, only my main monitor lights up and I did leave out the BusID since it was not in the original file.... I hope that fixes it...
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