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Default Corrupted screen on second *identical* monitor (2x 1600x1200 LCD,DVI)

This is weird: I have 2 identical 1600x1200 LCD/DVI monitors, and the second one will *not* display properly. The on-screen-monitor-setup indicates 1600x1200,75kHz,60Hz but the image is shredded - some sort of sync problem.
This is even true with clone mode, when the 2 displays should be identical.

I've tried switching monitors and modes - the problem is specific to the second video channel when used via DVI. (Swapping the LCDs proves it's not an LCD problem). I've tried everything I can think of, including different frequencies, modes, colour depths,...

Please help - this is drving me spare! Even if someone can tell me whether this is:
- a driver issue
- a configuration issue
- faulty hardware (unlikely, I think - everything is new, and works fine on lower modes)
- or just impossible with this card,
that would be really helpful. I'm getting nowhere! I'll buy a second card or upgrade the card if that would help. (It's an FX5200)


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