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Default How To Install Grahpics Driver? Need Help.


If this has already been posted then sorry. The search function is totally screwed:

An error occured while loading

Timeout on server

I also, tried downloading the readme but it just times out too. Connect to the ftp server fine but wont download it.

All right this is my frist time ever installing Linux what soever.

I've decided to install Linux Mandrake 9.2. I just got done installing it.

So now I went here to get NVIDIA drivers. Are these the correct one?:

I believe they are. Anyways I run the command like it says and then I get this error message. I have no clue what it means.

ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing. For further details, please see the section INSTALLING THE NVIDIA DRIVER in the README available on the Linux driver download page at

So I went to find the readme but the link just times out like I've said. I've been trying to get it for over an hour now so I decided to just ago ahead and join this forum and hopefully someone can help me.

I've very very new to this so please don't be mean or just terms you dont think I understand. I'm very open to understand new things, but please dont get mad if you say something and I dont know what you mean. But either way I will and do appraicate any and all help. So thank you very much.

Anyways this x server thing. When I installed Mandrake I did not see any option about X server so not sure.

I was told to install binutils so I did that. I just picked the defult development options when I installed linux. I also choose not to install the office package since I wont be using linux for that.

I did not change anything else at all.

So I'm lost and don't have a clue what to do. I just wish the readme came along with the download then I would not have to download it sperate. Maybe that should change.

But anyways any help would be appricated. And if someone could can you please post a mirror for the readme.

Thanks a ton,
God Bless America
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