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Default 53.36 Linux graphics driver freezes system when hyperthreading is enabled on Linux2.6

I'm running Linux 2.6.1 on an Abit IS7 motherboard and a Pentium 4 2,8GHz HyperThreading processor. When switching from the X Window System to the text console the system freezes if the NVidia 53.36 graphics driver is being used and HyperThreading is in use.

It will not freeze if ACPI is off and thus HyperThreading is disabled. The 46.20 driver with Linux 2.6 patch from does not have this problem but 53.28 driver did. I'm not using the framebuffer console but the normal text console. I tried enabling the FB console though but it didn't help. Also using acpi=ht did not help - if HT is enabled (or the system sees two CPUs) the system will freeze when switching from X to the console.

Is there any way around this other than disabling HT/SMP or downgrading to 46.20?
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