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Default Debian and OpenGL

I'd been running Libranet GNU/Linux for a while, which is Debian based. After I updated one time, I couldn't get Unreal Tournament 2003 working -- it said that it could not find the OpenGL library, and quit. I have a GeForce FX 5600 with 256 MB DDR running on an Athlon XP.

So, I reinstalled Debian, this time by upgrading to sarge from woody. Finished recompiling the kernel and installed the latest nvidia drivers. (1.0.5336)

Still the same problem. My XF86Config file should be fine. Have glx loading but not GLCore and dri. I checked all of the libraries and symlinks and they look fine. However, xdpyinfo does not list NVIDIA-GLX. It does list NV-GLX, though. I can get some other games to run, like tuxracer. I also reinstalled UT2003 to no avail. Tried winex as well, and it crashes on loading any of the games I had installed.

glxgears loads /usr/lib/tls/ and /usr/lib/tls/ I'm running the 2.4.23 kernel, by the way.

I've reinstalled so many times over the past few days, ironing out various bugs and trying different distros (mostly different Debian based ones), had problems with compiling the kernel on this iso I got with the beta version of debian-installer on it. Got kernel panics saying it couldn't find the root partition, which grub had just found, on reboot with the new kernel. Same kernel source as I just successfully compiled under the sarge upgraded stable installation.

I hope somebody has some insight on this problem. I don't really want to have to switch to a different distro. I like apt-get too much.
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