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Default Power supply

I've temporarily switch back to my GeForce 2 MX. I couldn't get my system to boot with the FX. I was thinking it might be my power supply, but I think it's OK. With all components plugged in ( But with the GF2MX, not FX5200 ) gkrellm2 reports the following:

Vcor: 1.77
+2.5: 0.36
I/O: 3.47
+5: 4.79
+12: 12.3

That +2.5 looks a little strange. These values all have a scaling factor of 1 ( actually, some are 1.02 or 1.04 for some reason)

How do these values look to you guys?

Edit: According to the BIOS, there's no +2.5V, rather 3.3v and the value is 3.46v which is much better than 0.36. These values are practically the same with the FX5200 connected (but with the nv module.)

Edit: I ran memtest86 for an hour with no problems found. I'll leave it over night and see how it goes.

Edit: Also, I'll try the latest driver as I have VIA chipset and 2.6 kernel.

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