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first are you able to get into linux's comand prompt (looks like DOS with a loging prompt)?

Assuming you can at this point type

vi /etc/inittab (the inishalization file)

find the line that looks like this. hit the i key then change this

to this
now hit Esc key then the :wq keys and enter. The : is importent

that will stop linux from trying to boot to X when all is done and working you can change the 5 back to a 3 and it will boot into X.


type this as root since you had to be root to edit inittab I am assuming you are loged in as root

mount /dev/hda* /mnt/cdrom
(the * represent a number from 1 - n number of partions. I assume that since you are duel booting the box winblows was installed on the c partion. in this case winblows partion would be 1. therfor /dev/hda* would equile /dev/hda1. if you are useing two harddrives then again I assume the winblows is on C: and linux is on D: drive in this case again winblows would be /dev/hda1 and your linux drive would be /dev/hd(b-d)(1-n) depending on witch ide chanel and hwo many partions are one that drive. (previus rantings are information.

this assumes there is a cdrom forlder in the /mnt folder. At this point it doesn't matter where you mount the drive just as long as it is in an empty directory.

next cd into /mnt/cdrom and vwala there should be your winblows hardrive ready to be manipulated.

find your NVIDIA*.run file using cd to ChangeDirectory and ls to LiSt the contents of said directory.

once youhave found the file tipe
mv NVIDA(thit the tab key to autofill the file name) /opt
that will move the file to the /opt directory ( a convient dir for instalion of extra file and programs) now

cd /opt
bash NVIDIA(tab key)

since this is probly about as clear as mud to you feel free to contact me and I can awnser your questions more percisly. Send me an email from my profile link.
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