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Thumbs up I GOT IT!!!


Plus I just owned some Canadians!! lol jk br0's. We all know some of the best Gamers come from Canada, and thats the TRUTH!

When I ran the script, it informed me the file wasn't there. Obviously the first thing that came out of my mouth was WTF!!! Then I just red/l'd the GLX, and installed the rpm, by removing the old one first. I ran the script and it said everything was A-ok. I did 'make uninstall' and './configure --enable-opengl'. When I went into the include directory, I found that when I edited the config.h file with emacs, the OPENGL line wasn't commented out. I thought theres a hint.... So I proceded with building from CVS, then went into the cs directory 'wine cstrike.exe' See's a bunch of stuff, that didn't come up before... enables OpenGl 800x600, clicks on training... SMILES... and the rest is history. Lets just say right now this is one VERY EXTREMELY SUPER-DUPER THX FOR ASKING, happy noob sitting down. lol jk bout the thx for asking, but I am smiling right now, as I just played a game and as I said owned some Canadians!~!~! When I got out one of my fav. weapons, the CT most expensive sniper weapon... then got 2 of the peeps. Ahhh the memories. THX for helping me along this way bwkaz!!! you seriously ruled! You did not ever give up on me, nor not believe in my noob ass! I have seen you help so many people in the past, and you helped me too! I am so happy, and thank you sooo much for all of your help! You saved a linux-life! Honestly I was secretly contemplating in the back of my head "Maybe I should go back to the darkside (M$), maybe I should just stick to windows..." Then after all you have helped me through, I kept saying to myself "NO!, if you go back, I will kick the crap out of you!" I just kept at it, and eventually this n00bie-noob-of-noobinessj-nubsters got it. YOU PUSHED ME AND HELPED ME THROUGH THIS ANNOYING AS F*CK EXPERIANCE!!! Thanks so much bk, as I said...


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