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Thanks blata for your support

I've not already done what you said me

Well , this is what i did.

I entered in linux rescue in the installation from red hat 9 cause i'm unable to load this linux prompt you were talking about , after my linux loads my monitor appears to be with no response , as if it was displugged from the pc, it happened to in installing by the graphical installation , i've installed it with the text installation.

Well , as I said I entered in linux prompt, changed the root to /mnt/sysimage as the program tells me to obtain root. I mounted my hardrive mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt and executed the sh . Ok the installation program screen appeared but with an error message. It said that i was running an X server and that the drive could not be installed by this X server i had to quit it. Well how can i do it ????? Editting this init file you told me ???????????


Andy Belfort
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