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when you boot into linux you shuld now be presentedt with a black screen that says this (to some degree)

yada yada yada

computer name login:

at that point type root enter followed by the password

now using the cd navagate to the folder you saved the NVIDA*.run file (mostlikey /home/"user login"/
Once you are in the same directroy as the NVIDA*.run file type this

bash (or sh they do the same thing as far as youare concerd) NVIDA(hit the tab key to auto fill teh file name) then enter. that should get you into the insalation program.

once done type vi /etc/X11/XF(tab) then hit the i key to edit as stated in the readme file ie change "nv" to "nvidia" and place a # infront of the lines with dri and GLcore and make sure in the same set of comands that Glx is listed. then hit the Esc key followed by the :wq keys then enter :wq = write quit. that should return you to the comand line.

now type exit to logout as root

now login as your user name

now type startx and if all went well you will be in X with a gui.

I would also sugjest typing this in a console window

cat /etc/inittab|grep id

it should print out tot he screen this

if that is so edit the /etc/inittab as root in the same way as above. and change the 3 to a 5. now then next time you boot to linux it will go strate into the gui login screen.
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