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All right thanks a lot blata well try that when I get home. Much appricated. Damn readme link still dead though..

Update: Got home already and tried it.

I install the drivers and it said it was succesfully and to edit the config file like you said to do.

Ok so I got there to the config that that is and pushed i to edit it and i can see you edit it now successfully.

But I dont see any "nv" to change to "nvidia" nore do I see the other lines you were refering too. The dri and glcore and the glx things.

Dont see any of that. So that would be great if you could explain a little more. Wuld be very helpfully and very gratefull for both of your help so far. Very appricated. Almost there..

So thanks again m8s.

God Bless America

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