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Wait...I thought Daytona 2 was ported to the Dreamcast (complete with Online play)? Or was that a different game?

And I guess The Lost World is one of the notable exceptions for non-Step 2.1 games that were not ported to the Dreamcast, thought I can't imagine why as it would've made a GREAT light-gun game to compliment House of the Dead 2 (L.A. Machineguns would've been nice, as well).

BTW, anyone else think it's amazing that some of those Model 3 games STILL look very good even compaired to modern games? Pretty damn impressive for hardware from 1996, wasn't that around the time that the first 3d accelerated PC games started hitting the market? There's a pretty stark contrast between Virtua Fighter 3 and GLQuake! Of course, the hardware probably costed a wee bit more as well
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