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Originally posted by fivefeet8
Actually, sega Titan/STV arcade games have already been emulated. Mame runs some STV/Titan games. NebulaM2(a released model 2 emulator), runs several Model 2 games in it's early state. Satourne, a sega saturn emulator, also emulates Titan/STV games. Model 1 games have been emulated with the Model 1 emulator, Modular. Albeit most of these emus still have bugs to work out with most games, the games are running. And most of the games are very playable.
The point i was making was that in the 10 years since their release they haven't been emulated anywhere near the level of the n64.. sure they show a few frames but in that amount of ttime for development i'd have wanted more, but i guess there just isnt the enthusiasm in arcade emulation..
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