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My point exactly. What part of this do they NOT understand?

Oh, they have understand, but:
What is your problem to understand, that NVIDIA CANNOT open their drivers?
AND it is nice to hear 'we would help you' but in reality only a a handful of people would help.
Millions are using linux. But there are not millions of linux-developers. Millions are using Xfree, but only a few are developing it. Millions are using gcc/glibc...

Face it. Opensource does not mean automatic success or automatic hordes of willing devs.
Additionally drivers are nothing for nOObs and amateurs. You need people with talent, to make good drivers.

And if you want to help nvidia, you can do it NOW. Write bug-reports, help people with problems, and stop discussing a dead topic. Whining around will not open the source nor fastening the development.
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