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The point i was making was that in the 10 years since their release they haven't been emulated anywhere near the level of the n64.. sure they show a few frames but in that amount of ttime for development i'd have wanted more, but i guess there just isnt the enthusiasm in arcade emulation..
It's got nothing to do with enthusiasm, it's more to do with a lack of hardware documentation.

If those programmers had the exact information that they require, say 5 years ago, we'd have an almost arcade perfect Model 2/3 emulator, today.

Look at this quote from their site

Someone sent us some documentation on the Real3D Pro-1000 programmer's API. Although it doesn't contain hardware-level information or descriptions of how the data structures are layed out, it will be useful nonetheless. The Pro-1K seems to be a bit more sophisticated than Model 3 but the 2 machines are definitely closely related
And there's far more documented detailed N64 hardware, out there, than any of these Model 2/3 boards.
Hence, we now have almost perfect N64 emulation with Pj64, and 1964.
AFAIK, Their cores are pretty much complete. And it's now down to the plugin developers to perfect their plugins.

Look at Playstation emulation, it's taken 8 years to get to this stage. Now we have ePSXe, with Pete's superb OpenGL 2 plugin, and all sorts of shaders to play with.
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