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Default Linux - time to give it a try

I need advice...

So what I am interested in:

Relatively friendly distribution - ie I download the disc, put it in, and expect it to install by clicking on options ... no need to read a large manual, just a little.

Hardware supported? Ati drivers any good these days? NF2 Mobo... AMD Athlon CPU...

Ummm... I have one HDD still on Fat 32, hope I can install there without using partition magic or something similar to free some disc space (I assume Linux doesn't support NTFS)...

What games can I play

AFAIK RCTW: ET; UT 2003; Q3... anything else supported natively - not into fiddling about with WineX or paying extra in order to play...

Are all Q3 games supported natively, like Call of Duty, MoH???

Ummm what else is important - why do I want to use it, well just to give it a try, as I assume come Longhorn time I might want to switch to something free... even though Win 2K looks to be supported for a long time coming...

Other than that... hmmm anything that I should think of, and how much time do you anticipate will take to load a new OS/drivers into the position
to be able to surf the net and install a game?

Let's say with Win 2K I need about 1 hour if I am not reformatting the HDD.

And what about the OS Boot manager, as I have 5 different Win 2K installations on there already, of which I use three for different purposes, and two are idle... I would not want to mess that up.
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