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Default VNC on boot

Ok this is going to sound really strange, but i had a hunch that you all might have an idea about how to do it.

I work in a computer lab and my job is to sit behind the computer terminal at the helpdesk and wait for someone to ask a question. Because of this I get extremely bored quite often

I would like to be able to use VNC to login to my box at home and tweak it while i am not doing anything else useful. Is there a way to make it so that i don't have to be logged in at home for VNC to pick up? I have been using remote desktop in winxp for a long time and it's great to be able to reboot the computer remotely and still be able to log back in when it finishes. Any ideas about how to get the VNC server to run in the background even when the computer has just been rebooted?

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