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I'm fairly dissapointed with the linux nvidia drivers. I am using slackware linux 8.1 with linux kernel 2.4.19 with the xfs patch and the preemptable kernel patch, although I have experienced these problems with other setups. My main board is an abit kt7a. My graphics card is a leadtek twin view geforce 2 mx pci.

All my problems with the nvidia drivers:
1. not open source
2. no way to build the nvidia driver directly into the kernel(I don't use modules normally)
3. If I shut down the computer and start it again quickly, or just reboot the computer, whenever I start X, my second head will display the screen in black and white, but blue rather than white.
4. When running on multiple heads if i shutdown X then restart X more than a few times I get a VERY hard lock up. This does not occur with single head operation.
5. The nvidia drivers do not conform to the regular layout of /etc/X11/XF86Config, this causes plenty of problems.

I don't mean to sound threatening or pissy or anything like that, and if you don't want me as a future customer that's fine. I found no way to give feedback on I really hope that changes), but I eventually ended up here, where hopefully someone that can make a difference will hear me.

I've owned two nvidia cards, and built many machines that have nvidia cards in them. I've also always tried to persuade people to go for an nvidia card if they are looking to uprage their graphics card. After all the problems I have had with the nvidia driver, I can now say I will no longer be able to buy or support nvidia cards until the driver has undergone a lot of changes. It is much easier to go with another brand of graphics card that is much better supported, and understands the community more.
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