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Originally posted by sytaylor
The point i was making was that in the 10 years since their release they haven't been emulated anywhere near the level of the n64.. sure they show a few frames but in that amount of ttime for development i'd have wanted more, but i guess there just isnt the enthusiasm in arcade emulation..
Yeah. I agree. Just like the Sega Saturn emulation scene. It's probably one of the harder console systems to emulate, but it's taken quite a long time to even get Saturn emulation to it's current state with some emulators that are running games. Mostly buggy though, but a lot better than before.

It's funny, but it actually took SEGA to finally make it's own Sega Saturn emulator that runs many saturn games almost perfectly. It's commercial though, and only available in japan. I really had hoped they'd release it here, but..... I digress.

Arcade emulation has always been ahead of console emulation until recently with the new PSx/N64 emulators. Look at mame, it emulates over 2000+ arcade games from the very early arcades to some of the current arcade games. Mame recently has emulated the arcade versions of Tekken3, Tekken2, Soul Blade, and Soul Calibur(bad rom dump). And lets not forget NEoGeo game which is emulated today almost perfectly. In fact, any neogeo game that comes out right now in the arcades using the NeoGeo/MVS hardware is able to run on Neogeo emulators if they get dumped. Look at SNK vs Capcom, KOF2k2, Metal Slug 5. These recently arcade released games are already playable via emulators perfectly after being dumped. ARcade emulation hasn't been slow with 2d arcade games.

I think what's slowing down arcade emulation is the advent of 3d arcade hardware. But the same could be said about current console hardware. There is going to be a leap in 3d arcade emulation in a few months though. With the release of the next and final version of zinc(system11, system12, system22, capcom zn-1 zn-2, hardware accelerated arcade emulator).
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