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Default No such thing as can't

Originally posted by energyman76b
My point exactly. What part of this do they NOT understand?

Oh, they have understand, but:
What is your problem to understand, that NVIDIA CANNOT open their drivers?
Of course they can. IP is not an excuse. Methods for not incorporating this in the publicly viewable source have already been suggested. Moreover NVIDIA can just pay to license that IP in a less restricted way. Other companies (e.g. IBM) have done this. They've already put money into Linux by making a driver. Why not go the whole hog?

Another good reason for open sourcing the kernel driver at the minimum is, you get all the kernel gurus able to look at the code. The number of times the nvidia driver has oopsed/panic'd my kernel is off the scale. If the driver was Free then it could go into the mainline kernel just like the other DRI drivers. That would also make the mainline kernel developers hate Nvidia less.

AND it is nice to hear 'we would help you' but in reality only a a handful of people would help.
Millions are using linux. But there are not millions of linux-developers. Millions are using Xfree, but only a few are developing it. Millions are using gcc/glibc...
Of course. It is not that the community per se is going to add lots of new features to the driver but it is true that drivers get fixed because people can look at them and say ooo...that looks dodgy what if I twiddle that, or oh no this driver has forgotten to cope with bug X on my motherboard.

It really isn't as simple an equation as you suggest.

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