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Originally posted by Andy Mecham
From the README:

o Hardware that can only be used on one display at a time (eg:
video overlays, hardware accelerated RGB overlays), and which
consequently cannot be used at all when in TwinView, can be
exposed on the first X screen when each display is a separate
X screen.
I see: double buffering is one of those hardware features, I presume. That's too bad: do the Quadra cards support double buffering on multiple displays used as separate X screens?

What do you mean? What pci video card?
So, on my old system (dual Athlon, AMD 76x) I used to use two entirely separate video cards for the dual heads: the AGP FX5600 I'm using now for screen 0, and a PCI GeForce2 MX 400 for secreen 1 on which I used to play DVD's while working. When I got my current machine (dual Opteron, AMD 81x1), this setup stopped working because the 2-D performance on the second display got *really* slow: I'm talking 2-3 frames/sec instead of 30.

I discovered this was a software problem (open source nv driver worked fine with that hardware configuration for 2-D, but has no 3-D acceleration) and emailed you and posted here about it, but got no useful response, so I switched to using two screens on the FX5600 card. Unfortunately, this setup has the lack-of-double buffering problem, so I'm not entirely satisfied with it, either.

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