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Originally posted by Uttar

Too much raw speed is useless. Maybe i'm insane, but i can't see the difference bectween high res & 2XAA and high res & 4XAA.

Same thing for Aniso. I don't want more than level 4 in most cases.

And really, if you don't use 4XAA and level 8 aniso, err, the R300 is way too fast for today's games.

So, to say this more simply, i'd prefer to buy a slow DX8 card ( Ti200 for example ) than a fast DX7 card ( Mx460 ) if they were the same price.
Well what exactly do you want from NV30 over R300 then? (Apart from dynamic branching, we know that jangles your bells).

I disagree with your assessments of FSAA and AF. Buy yourself a really good LCD, then you'll see the difference between 2x and 4x FSAA, and be wanting more than 8x AF.

I can name some features which R300 doesn't have (and which I'm pretty certain NV30 won't have) which are pretty essential and highly likely to be requirements for OpenGL 2.0.

The "new features" which NV30 shares with R300 will quite likely be useful. Eventually. By definition, because they are the different between DX9 and DX8. One day in the future games the majority of games will be based on DX9 (probably around about NV40/R400 time). Only then will NV30/R300s new features be truly "useful" in my opinion.

Those which it doesn't share, any new little NVIDIA innovations, well only time will tell. Ditto for anything R300 has which NV30 doesn't. All depends on whether they a really useful, or just sound like a good idea,
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